Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why Patience Jonathan's Ex- Aide was Killed

Hint of the why the Ex-security Aides to Patience Jonathan DSP Tamuno Igbomie  was killed is beginning to emerge
According to security source who spoke to Leadership ,about the unfortunate incident that occurred along Airport road,said it was not unconnected with the role of the decease as the First lady Aide.
Security sources told leadership that the Former Aide who was very close to the First lady must have stepped on Several toes in the discharge of his duties.
DSP T Igbomie was a very influential figure during the last presidential campaign and must have incurred the rot of those who crossed the part of the first lady.

“The killing cannot be unconnected with his previous appointment as the PSO to our former president wife. They have started killing people who knew about their dirty deals. It shows that more people close to the former president should watch their backs. Those people act like mafia and they will go to any length to have their way, he said.
another source said he might have engaged in some deal and it was perhap a comeback for a payback.

“Jacob might know something that could implicate some persons at the probe panel that is about to be constituted. He might have picked up some implicating evidence against some powerful people when he was very close to power. He could have done some deals with them which they feel might implicate them. he contuned adding that the Killer might have come from Rivers state where the former first lady is alleged to have played a major role in the crisis that erupt during the election.
“All the killings that went on in Rivers State by evil men in their desperation for powers may not go unpunished. All those responsible for the killing of innocent people during the election  all because of politics will definitely be punished,” the source said.
The former PSO, who was married with two children, was believed to have been killed by assassins who shot him at pointblank range in his car and left the engine running

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