Friday, June 26, 2015

27 tourist shot dead on sunbeds at a Tunisia Hotel

This picture shows the body of a western holidaymaker lying dead on the beach in Sousse - empty sun loungers can be seen behind him after people fled the area 

Gunmen have killed 27 tourist on sunbeds at a Tunisian Hotel in a popular Tourist Destination of sousse,Gumen believed to be ISIS militants exchange gunfire with security operatives on a beach full of Tourist.
 The attack was launch at the Al-Qantawi resort in the city of Sousse, located 140 kilometres south of the capital Tunis on the Mediterranean coast.
Most of the dead are British and German Holiday Makers according to local media report

This picture  shows dead bodies on the beach following the attack on the beach today

An officer speaks on his phone as he walks past the dead body of one of the gunmen on the ground

Police stand over one of the gunmen after the attack in the popular tourist destination today 

British holidaymaker Rebecca Miles, who is staying in the Royal Kenz hotel in Sousse (pictured) said tourists have been told to return to their rooms after the attack on the private beach of the hotel 

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