Monday, June 22, 2015

I was never ask to go on terminal leave-Prof Jega


Professor Jega,The  Independent National Electoral Commision (INEC) Chairman who  had an interview with Ebonylive TV's Mo Abudu in lagos Tag Afternoon Tea with Professor Jega, spoke in Reversal of the news that made the round during the keenly contested presidential election campaign of 2015,it was said that the Jonathan government in a bid to stay longer in office had plans to ask Jega INEC chairman to proceed on Terminal leave thereby creating way for a new INEC Chairman WHO will dance to the turn of the presidency and in turn ask for more time  probably two years to reorganize the electoral process.

But Jega  said he was never threaten or ask to retire or proceed on leave by anybody,or authority,he stated that it was all rumour from mischief maker who does not want any thing good for the country

He said  “In our country, anything is possible. Frankly, the rumour mill in our country is incredible; a lot is manufactured, circulated and assumes a life of its own.
“Sincerely, I did not feel that I was under any threat, nobody threatened me and at no time was my security detail withdrawn
“Even as I was sitting down at the collation centre, I even got text messages that my security men had been withdrawn, and they were there around me. So there were a lot of things that were said that weren’t true.
“The same thing was said that I was asked to go on retirement or proceed on leave. A lot of rumours about me being asked to proceed on leave were not true.
“Nobody or authority asked me to proceed on retirement or go on leave, and I never contemplated going on leave because I knew there was a job to be done
“So I thought it was inconceivable for anybody to think that the leadership of INEC was contemplating leaving at that time
“There were a lot of stories then that were untrue but that doesn’t mean we were not careful. Again, knowing the nature of our country, we have to be very careful at any point. Personally, I had to assume the worst and prepared for the worst but we thank God it did not come to that.”

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