Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Buhari cuts number of Journalist, Aides,on Foreign and Local Trips


President Buhari on Monday cut the number of Aides and Journalist who will follow him on both Local and Foreign trips in a memo he circulated to relevant department of the presidential villa in line with his policy of running a lean government.

Buhari has sought the approval of Senate in his appointment of 15 Advisers instead of 18 in Jonathans Administration.
Under the new arrangement two journalist against 4 will be travelling with the President,it is still unclear the number of  Security and Protocol officials that will be allowed on each trip with the President.

“The security may have between three and four slots, rotated between the old and new officers, there may be other slots for the senior security officers, but I know the media has two slots for journalists and two for media officers (those who carry the podium and the information officer).”a source from the Villa said

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