Tuesday, June 23, 2015

P.Diddy arrested for Assault with deadly weapon

 Bad behaviour: Diddy, pictured with his son Justin in 2012, was arrested after allegedly being involved in an altercation at his son's university

Music Mogul P.Diddy has been arrested for attacking an American Football Coach with a Kettlebell weight during a quarrel,an incident which took place at the athletic facility of UCLA where his son study,he was taken into custody at the campus Jail,he was arrested for assault with deadly weapon and later transfer to LA county Jail.
The arrest was connected to coach Sal Alosi, refusal to let his son come back until end of summer,Diddy went to the campus to talk to the coach who he felt have issue with his son, but the meeting did not go well.
He was released on bail of $160,000.

Bad Boy For Life: The rapper did not looked too pleased to be sitting in the back of the squad car

                               Heavy artillery: Sources connected to Diddy claim that he had picked up a kettlebell weight, as seen in this stock photograph, in self defense after Alosi went after him

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