Thursday, February 26, 2015

Special Promotion For all Soldiers that liberates Baga Borno


The Nigeria Army has announced on Wednesday 26th February a special promotion for all soldiers involved in the Liberation of Baga from the firm  Grip of Boko Haram
The Chief of Army Staff COAS Lt Gen Kenneth Minimah announced the promotion during his visit to Baga in kukuwa local government area.

The promotion was to reward the soldiers for their bravery and courage to flush out the insurgent from Baga,also those soldiers that died during the battle will also be promoted posthumously,Minimah said

“The entire country is singing praises of Nigerian soldiers for the bravery exhibited in the fight against the insurgents.
“I urge you to keep the tempo by striving hard to record more successes,” Minimah said.
“Never again will Nigerians suffer this kind of large scale destruction in the name of insurgency,” Minimah said.
“Nigerians should maintain confidence in the Nigerian armed forces. They should support our military because there is no other.
“War is war. War does not often come out in favour of any one. In fact, it is the end that justifies the means.
“The war, as it stands, has turned out for the good of Nigerian Armed Forces, and God willing, in a matter of time, it will be over.
“So, I encourage Nigerians to support their military,” Minimah emphasised.
He said that the six weeks offered by the Federal Government for the military to clear the insurgents was achievable, going by the recent developments.
“It is achievable; we are still within the time frame. But six weeks should not be taken that everything must be attained because this is war,” he added

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