Monday, February 23, 2015

Chisco transport headquarters burnt by Fire


One of the most popular Transport Company  Chisco headquarters  was burnt down by fire earlier February destroying 25 buses and Trucks in the premises.

According to witness the fire started when hoodlum took advantage of APC political campaign and throw substance believed to be explosive into  the compound,the campaign train was passing along Eko Bridge when they saw a poster of President Jonathan's on a building near Chisco transport headquarter believing that the building belongs to the Federal Government.but sources revealed the building belongs to Industrial Training Fund ITF, a Federal Government Parastatal sharing a common fence with Chisco transport.the target was actually the ITF building
According to Punch an eyewitness said if not for the quick intervention of some chisco staff who sprang into action with available fire extinguisher to assist both state and federal fire fighters, the damage would have been worst.

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