Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Photo of the Day: Counter Terrorism

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Flintlock counter terrorism exercise 2015, Chadian / Mauritanian force,preparation to take on Boko Haram



               Nigeria Special Forces in Flintlock counter terrorism training 2015


                Spanish forces Train W/African Forces in Flintlock 2015  counter terrorism

                Chadian Forces Jogging US lead Flintlock counter terrorism training in Mao Feb 21

                   US Force drives MilitaryVehicle during Flintlock exercise 2015
                     Flintlock exercise US led

                        Nigerian Soldier Flintlock Excercise 2015

                      American lead Flintlock Counter terrorism training 2015


                      Chadian Forces Flintlock 2015..Them ready to die without been told


                              British Forces Train Nigeria Soldier Flintlock 2015


                           US and Chadian Forces Flintlock exercise 2015

                                                          Chadian Forces

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