Thursday, February 26, 2015

President Jonathan visit Troops in Mubi in Military wears

President Jonathan on Thursday visited  troops in Baga and Mubi both in Borno and Adamawa respectively and hail the soldiers for demonstrating their might and bravery in expelling boko haram from those cities.
Addressing officer and men of the Nigerian Army, he said, he and Nigerian are very proud of their bravery, patriotism and competence,he said the recent success which turn the tide of war against the insurgence prove beyond doubt that the army can defend the territorial integrity of the county,and also have sent signal to those within and outside Nigeria with wrong impression of the Nigerian soldiers.

 I commend the President effort, but this is coming just too late, our president should have intensify effort long ago to get ride of those rag tag army Boko Haram like he's lately doing now, anyway all the best,i sincerely  hope peace return to Northern Nigeria,God almighty comfort the bereaved and displaced as a result of this senseless terror.









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