Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Fayose says Buhari too frail to rule


Controversial Governor of Ekiti State Fayose said Gen Buhari the All Progressive Congress candidate is too weak and frail to rule Nigeria.
Fayose stressed that Buhari was in London for other reasons other than political tour,speaking to foreign Journalist on Monday in Abuja, he said Buhari granted an interview to foreign Journalist at the Transcorp hilton hotel not London as been portrayed by his supporters.

He said he will not win the elections,because all the falsehood upon which the candidature was presented to Nigerian “exposes the deceitful nature of the opposition and qualifies the APC candidate for failure at the polls come March 28.
“I don’t have anything against the North. I also don’t have anything against General Buhari.
“But one thing is certain. The General is too weak, too frail to be President.
“He can’t even be the governor of his state let alone being the President of this country.”
He said it was because of the alleged frail health of Buhari that he brought journalists to the venue of the briefing.
In responds the Buhari Campaign Organisation said Fayose need medical help to cure him of his negative obsession of Buhari

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