Thursday, February 26, 2015

IS executioner Jihadi John real Identity revealed

                  It has been claimed that MI5 repeatedly tried to recruit Mohammed Emwazi, 26, - who has been named as Jihadi John (pictured) - as an informant and once put him on a terror watchlist to stop him leaving Britain

The mask Executioner of the Islamic state responsible for beheading most westerners kidnapped is actually a Kuwaiti born British citizen  known as Mohammed Emwazi.

Different media  has identified him without citing source,the BBC, the Guardian and also the New York Times.
The 26 years old computer programmer, was once expel from Tanzania for trying to join Islamic terrorist group in  East Africa, on his  return via Amsterdam he was been waited by M15 at schipol, he alleged the M15 approach him 3 times in a year to be an Informant.before he fled London 2013

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