Saturday, October 31, 2015

First Pictures of Russian Jet Crash That Killed 224 Passengers

                                 Horrific: This is one of the first images of the mangled wreckage of the Russian passenger jet that crashed this morning, killing 224 people
This are the first Images of the Russian aircraft that crashed killing 224 passengers this morning, they were released from the Egyptian Prime Ministers office..more photos

                                 Torn apart: The harrowing photos of the wreckage were released by the office of Egyptian Prime Minister Sharif Ismail, who visited the site

                                 Devastating: Passengers' belongings, pieces of metal and other bits of the aircraft lay strewn across the sand following the deadly crash

                   Tragic: It comes as Egypt has recovered the aircraft's black box from the tail of the plane. Above, an item of clothing lies at the crash siteOfficials walk past debris from the downed plane

  Fatal disaster: This afternoon, German airline Lufthansa said they will no longer fly over the Sinai peninsula 'as long as the cause for today's crash has not been clarified'. Air France later said the same. Above, debris from the crashed jet is pictured in the Sinai desert
Remote area: Security forces discovered the wreckage in a remote mountainous area in an area containing many ISIS-affiliated terrorists

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