Saturday, April 23, 2016

Teenager Given Opportunity To Confess Their Sins To Pope Francis In The Middle of St Peter's Square, Rome.

  16 teenagers confessed their sins to Pope Francis on chairs in the middle of St Peter's Square on Saturday morning at the Vatican
Open confession of sins by teenagers to pope Francis in st peter's square in Rome before thousands of people in Italy.The event, for the Jubilee for Teens, got underway on Saturday as part of the celebrations for the Extraordinary Year of Mercy. The three-day event's theme is 'Growing merciful as the Father', and will attract up to 70,000 teenagers from Italy and all over the world.

 The youths were given the unexpected opportunity as the Pontiff made a surprise appearance for a special Holy Year youth day in Italy
 One young girl appeared engrossed in conversation as she listened intently to the Pope as he offered his words of penance 
 More than 150 priests were in the square to hear the youngsters' confessions between 11.30am and 12.45pm on the day
 Later in the day on Saturday the teens will travel to Rome's Olympic Stadium where there will be a video message from the pope

 The teenagers seemed at ease, with Francis shaking hands warmly with the youths. In all, the pope spent over an hour in the picturesque square

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