Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ex Wife of Lottery Winner Say Shee Won't Have Him Back With His New Wealth

  Celebrating: Retired teacher Gerry Cannings, 63, and wife Lisa, 48, who won the £32.5 million Lotto rollover, have revealed they only bought the winning ticket because of a chance visit to a fish and chip shop

Ex wife of a retired history teacher said she won't have him back even with his new fortune. Gerry  Canning Won 32 million Pounds lottery,Gerry who is Currently married to Lisa Canning,was formally married to Jenny brown for 25 years.Lisa said she didn't envy his new wealth although describing him as a nice person but insist she is happily married to her new husband.

'My new husband asked if it would have been worth being married to him for £32million. No, I don't envy him and didn't expect anything from him.'
                        Last minute: The couple, who fell in love over meetings at a school photocopier, were visiting Mr Cannings' 96-year-old father when they opted to go to a fish and chip shop rather than cook on a Saturday nightMr and Mrs Cannings are pictured celebrating their win at a press conference today

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