Monday, February 29, 2016

55 Years Old Collaspe and Die 50 Yard from Marathon Finish Line

                              Much loved: Mike Freeman (pictured), from Essex, was just 50 yards from the finish line in the coastal town of Sliema when he took unwell
A 55 years old classroom assistant collapsed just 50 yard from the finish line of a Malta half marathon ,he joked with his wife that he will have to wait till next year to finish the race.
Mr Freeman was seen been treated by paramedic before been rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Freeman is  believed to have been taking part in the race with members of Great Notley based Michelle's Running Group.

  Half marathon: The 55-year-old was treated by paramedics before being rushed to the local Mater Dei Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead
Tribute has poured in from the group to the 55 year old loving father by group members 

Mrs Freeman thanked the club's members for their support after news of her husband's passing came to light through their effort. 
She wrote: 'I can't even start to say thank you for all your lovely comments. I can't believe this has happened.
'He loved running and he loved you all. One of our last words were about running up to the finish and how lovely it would be to see you all there. He joked next year eh! Devastated xxxx'

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