Thursday, September 24, 2015

Senior Boko Haram Commander and 43 others Captured


Nigeria Army said troop involved in the battle against Boko Haram has captured a senior Boko haram commander Identified as Bulama Modu and 43 others.
Col Sani Usman acting Director Army Public Relations Officer said Bulama Belongs to the Amir Cadet of the terror group,according to him, Modu confessed he was given a horse as a gift to carry out his killing mission,he was caught burying weapons and he led troops to where he bury his Ak 47,he added that the troops  rescued 241 women and Children during the operation.

 He said, “Please recall that yesterday advancing troops along Banki axis made tremendous progress in which they cleared two Boko Haram terrorists’ camps at Jangurori and Bulatori villages.

“In addition to that, the troops have also arrested 43 suspected Boko Haram terrorists including one of the Boko Haram kingpins in the area, Bulama Modu, who is an ‘Amir’ of Bulakuri. The troops also rescued 241 women and children during the operation.

“To further confirm what was said earlier about the terrorists abandoning their commanders and burying weapons, one Mohammed Modu led troops to where he buried his AK-47 rifle at Jangurori village.

“Apart from arms and ammunitions, bows and arrows recovered from Bulama Modu, the kingpin, he confirmed that the terrorists also gave him a horse to enhance his deadly pursuits


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