Thursday, June 29, 2017

Doyin Okupe Writes Open Letter To Arewa Consultative Forum

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Open letter to Arewa Consultative Forum.
The chairman
Arewa Consultative Forum
11A Sokoto Rd.
Dear Sir,
Re: Restructuring of the Nation
The above subject matter and your recent statement concerning same refer.
I wish firstly to congratulate you and members of your esteemed organisation on your recent stand on the above subject matter conceeding to support the call for a restructure of the polity.

Your current position as widely reported in the media is very comforting to all lovers of Nigeria and I personally commend you for this patriotic disposition.

Your terms and conditions in my own personal opinion are not unacceptable, and with the spirit of brotherhood I do believe we have a platform on which we can all put hands together for peaceful resolution and wholesomely acceptable and workable procedural process to attain the above stated objective.
It is my considered opinion that the very sensitive nature of this subject matter makes it difficult for our governments to be in the fore front of finding an acceptable solution without being accused of bias or prejudice.
I wish therefore to suggest that a team of patriots from the South meets with members of your organisation in Abuja shortly to examine the full details of this subject once again, consider our various views and possibly agree on suggestions we can pass to the executive and legislative arms of our democratically elected government.
I humbly submit that you agree that I broker this all important meeting, which should not be later than the first week of July 2017.
Once again let me thank you immensely for your demonstrated goodwill and patriotism in this period of extreme national acrimony and latent rancour.
Please convey my best wishes and admiration to your distinguished members and be assured of my highest esteem always.
Many Thanks.
Yours Faithfully
Dr Doyin Okupe

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