Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Why Donald Trump Will Be American Next President

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Even if the current poll indicates that Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton are having a close and tight race, it is obvious and crystal clear that Trump will definitely be the next American President.

I may be quoted wrong be it is surely going to happen not for personal interest or love for him, but a  reverse replay of what happened when Obama ran against McCain..The Republican choice then, was a huge edge for Obama, coupled with Bush war mistakes which the Americans didn't want anymore.
To be concised Trump Victory will be centered on or around the following reason

I) In reality am not Sure Americans are ready for a female president,looking at the numerous challenges the world faces today,particularly the US,
2) The fearless, vocal, and sentimental character of Donald Trump is what most Americans,especially the majority ,supremacist,and the rich wants.
3) American needs a person with tough promises to tackle security challenges with more than the boldness of a lion, not a leader with weak and prolong diplomacy that may yield nothing.
4)The Minorities,Latinos and Blacks, who may not vote for Trump cannot out number the Majority of  Americans who truly wants him.
5) Benghazi American Embassy attacks of 2012,that lead to the death of Ambassador Christopher Steven,Sean Dean of state department, Navy Seals Tyron Wood and Glen Doherty is a warning sign that Hilary Clinton who was Then the Secretary of State can't protect Americans,if just an embassy was difficult for her to protect.
6) The Democratic Party, choice of Hilary Clinton is almost same mistake as Republicans presenting McCain in 2008.
7) Commander In Chief, requires a person with unwavering character, particularly for country like the U.S.woman leadership always carries along motherhood attitude in decision making which in most cases not good for national security...i.e Angela Merkel open border policy  created  fear & disunity  among EU countries and a catalyst to BREXIT..
8) Donald Trump business experiences could help grow the American Economy---

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